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A slow, low heat process involving moist heat by roasting or simmering less-tender meats with a small amount of liquid in a tightly covered pan.

Add fresh vegetables to the pot and create an entire meal in a

Braising Basics

Cut meats or vegetables roughly the same size to ensure they cook  evenly.

Season the meat or vegetables on both sides.

Heat your frying pan.  Add a small amount of oil and continue to heat.
Add the meat or vegetables and sauté at high heat until lightly browned on all sides. This will lock in the juices.  Without browning, the meat will look gray and vegetables will be limp.

Once browned, add and lightly stir water, wine, stock, or whatever you recipe calls for to the pan. Usually the liquid should come about halfway up the sides of your ingredients.

Lower the heat and slowly cook until the food is tender. Check for doneness. Most braised foods take at least 45 minutes for smaller cuts of meat and poultry.  Larger cuts and tougher meats, such as shanks may take hours. Follow your recipe for cooking times.
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