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Fruits and Vegetables
EWG’s Shopper’s Guide Clean 15 & Dirty Dozen Lists
The EWG, a non-profit organization founded in 1994, released it's Shopper's Guide to Pesticides. The guide lists 47 fruits and vegetables ranked by highest to lowest in pesticide load. 

Vegetables For Juicing
By Lee Ann Orton 
Vegetables are as good as medicine, maybe even better. There are many laxatives, sedatives and sleep inducers among the vegetables. Vegetables like onion, radish and celery are a tonic for the nerves. Most vegetables will make good juices, but some are better than others.
Getting More Minerals From Your Fruits and Vegetables
By Rudy Silva
Fruits and vegetables are your lifeline. Discover 4 ways that you can use to get the most minerals out of the fruits and vegetables you eat. Minerals help to rebuild your body and you need to flood your body with them.
Making Meals Healthier With Salads And Vegetables
By KC Kudra - 250x250
Salad Knives for Preparing Salads

Author: Urmann
An ordinary knife made of metal or stainless steel cause reactions with vegetables and fruits, leading to blemishes and brown coloring. Salad knives are designed specially to prevent these. They are made of plastic materials like nylon.

Some salad knives may also consist of other handles with better grip such as wood, metal or rubber. Grips are very important because when kitchen works become wet, there is a tendency for the grip to slip, and thereby cause accidents.
Looking for a Farmer's market in your area? Check our guide to Los Angeles area Certified Farmer's markets.
Guide to Los Angeles Area Certified Farmers Markets
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